British born artist Hayley Welsh has established herself as one of the most exciting creatives in the street art scene. Following her recent shows in London and New York, her whimsical street art has become fondly recognised for it’s surreal, fluffy, wide-eyed creatures, with darker undertones of the unknown and abyss.

Weaving a poignant narrative into every piece, her artworks leave us engaged and intrigued, inviting us to reflect in a moment and 'listen to our little voice'.

With studios in Australia and the UK, Welsh travels between the two regularly and over the past 10 years,  has created over 40 pieces of street art across the UK, Australia, the US and Europe, taking part in street Art Festivals across the globe.


Experiencing first hand the positive impact street art can make to public space, Hayley also developed 'Blackburn Open Walls', a local street arts initiative for her hometown. Over the summers of 2016-2018 she hosted the popular project, regenerating Blackburn’s growing creative economy whilst bringing communities together in creative conversations.